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Branding using Social Media

Social media is a popular medium today, and creating a hashtag for your wedding can be an excellent idea. For instance, #Mr&MrsEvans2017. While selecting a hashtag, it's essential to research to ensure it's memorable and not already in use. This will help you quickly find all the photos people have taken at your wedding on social media.

However, simply creating a hashtag is not enough if it's not promoted and used by your guests. It's essential to make signs and place them around the reception area to inform your guests about the hashtag. Additionally, you should put the hashtag on everything possible such as the invitations, ceremony props, and reception table numbers. To encourage guests to take photos and tag your wedding, consider having your DJ periodically announce the hashtag during the event.

We provide a unique and exciting feature - a social media display! Our software captures every photo posted on social media using your wedding hashtag and creates a slideshow displayed on TVs. This adds an interactive element to your wedding, especially when placed near the dance floor, as it constantly updates with the latest photos posted throughout the night.


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